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:: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 ::

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone! :)

See you in 2004!

:: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 ::

Even if the task you are doing is very mundane, if the command you are typing on your editor reads something like ".,$s/this\.\(.*\)\s=.*$/return \1;/g", it appears like a cousin of rocket sceince... :)

:: Saturday, December 20, 2003 ::

Someplace yesterday, I scribbled these words very instinctively without thinking much or being very aware of what I have been writing. After re-reading it, I took a liking to it.

The world has very few lucky ones and a good number of ignoramus. The rest are made to suffer...

:: Thursday, December 18, 2003 ::

To get back to some images, this one was one of those rare cases where I was quite sure that I have a good picture in hand even before I took the shot.

:: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ::

With the year about to end, I was looking back at the ads that came out this year and was thinking of the best and the worst ones. It was not really a hard job to isolate them, especially when you are only shelling out opinionated remarks with no scientific incline.

The worst one came out to my mind much easily than the best - the infamous "Sehwag ki Ma" ad which made a big joke out of everything - the ad, the endorser and the promoters. And with this ad and its quality of service, Reliance went home with a reputation no one would desire.

Contestents for the best were in plenty. Some of the good ads from early days may have been forgotten too. The winner would have been the Hutch ad but in the last moment, it was pulled off by TVS. It is a recently launched ad that goes like The only reason we are in personal transportation business.... The visuals have a boy and a horse playing on the beach and is impressively picturized.

And then there are other categories to think of - The most stupid ad goes to Coke ad with Amir Khan the porter showing everest and Qutub Minar to the tourists. The most dishonest ad would be the Bajaj bike ad that talks about a highly advanced digital world(followed by almost every detergent ad), most honest - there probably isn't one, most creative - Hutch You and I, most ingeneous - BSNL ad about fixing up a marriage(Mujhe pasand hai maa...), funniest one - not sure(any takers for Chlormint ad with godman, Amir Khan as farmer?), most exaggerated - Palio NV(a good one that is), most simple and yet effective - TVS Victor's early ads(without Sachin) about more smiles per hour, (most)ugly ad - Airtel(even the umpire wants a tv...), disgusting - Sehwag Ki Ma again, silly - Britannia Gooday Kheer and Jeb ad. The list goes on.... Add yours...

:: Monday, December 15, 2003 ::

It shows how much my blog is neglected by me. I suddenly realized this yesterday when I was checking the date on my watch.

On December 6th 2003, this weblog was seven hundred and thirty days old! For people like me who are less inclined to math, this is a number divisible by 365! :) Let's look forward to a brighter future and longevity! :)

:: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 ::

The rainbow warriors in India


:: Friday, December 05, 2003 ::

So many of my friends are in Europe now... a considerably big number of them in every other country.... coupled with that, this guy's scribbles are tempting me to consider a trip down there.. :) Well, may be some other time, may be someday.. :)

Results of assempbly elections are out and yet again psephology is proven to be just hogwash.

BJP sprang surprises that was hard to digest for many. But Sheila Dikshit came out with a victory that she deserves - a proof that long standing commitment to good administration counts much more than just election strategies. Ajit Jogi also received a fall that he desrves(remember how he tried to misuse Balco sale for his favour?). Cast politics and riding on emotions did not do him much good. But sadly, another good administration of Digvijay Singh did not make it with flying colours. Wonder what do people see in the histrionics of Uma Bharathi. But one must say that the performance of the NDA government has been much better than the earlier ones that the nation has seen in a last 15 years.

:: Thursday, December 04, 2003 ::


It happened a few days back. Suddenly everything went black! There was darkness everywhere - no voices to be heard, no one to be seen, just the faint glimmer of the emergency lights... I was stuck in the lift with a power outage!

Blame it on the movie makers for making it look so good! After hundreds of music video and an equal number of movies, I was naturally tuned into that mindset, and started searching for my sensuous accomplice who was supposed to be around when stuck in the lift, only to stumble into the walls in the darkness. It was my first time you see, I don't know much about how it all is supposed to work...

Well, when reality set in, I was not quite sure what to do. But not being the panicky kind, I simply decided to wait hoping that power comes back soon. But then, I live in Bangalore, so it was not really a great idea. Yet, I decided to wait for a few minutes hoping that someone might have seen me getting into the lift. It must have been less than a minute I guess, my patience ran out and I decided to opt for the shrieking cacophony of the emergeny bell. But there was a problem here too. Otis guys have placed the emergency button in such a good place that many times everyday someone accidentally starts it off. So no one bothered for the first time. When you are stuck in a hot, humid and dark lift, you are sure to acquire one trait - do not give up - try and try again until you succed. And so in a bid to put Vikram of Vikram - Betal to shame(for those who can understand - cHalabidadha thrivikramananthe...!), I attacked the emergency bell many times over until I heard some noises and footstpes. And the rescue operation started.

It was not an easygoing even after that. No one was sure about the rescue process. After some long minutes of trial and error, and execution of several plans from a small group that gathered outside, finally the doors managed to give way. And after more than may be 600 seconds of wait, some one out there said 'let there be light'!

:: Monday, December 01, 2003 ::

So many times when I am not in front of the computer, I get ideas on topics to blog about but at a later point it is either forgotten or the enthu dies down.

Anyway some little cormarants got added to my birds list recently. Thanks to the bird for the co-operation!

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