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:: Saturday, November 11, 2006 ::


I spent a week on a short but fruitful sightseeing tour of Kerala, and returned back yesterday. The trip was fun though a week seemed too short. My earlier experiences with Kerala was restricted to Wayanad district and Munnar, except for a short journey to Kochi when I was a kid.

During this week of travelling, I discovered what Kerala is all about and why it attracts so many tourists. I covered all the popular tourist circuit of Kerala including the beaches at Kappad near Kozhikode, Charai beach near Cochin, the venerable and the must do - Fort Kochi, the ever popular Ayurvedic massages, the backwaters trip on the Vembanad lake and south India's most well known tiger reserve - Periyar. The trip gave an excellent introduction to Kerala and has worked as a good precursor for taking my own time someday and spend more time travelling to the corners of this beautiful state. As usual, I shall write about all of it in detail with photographs on my travel blog sometime in the days to come.

:: Thursday, November 02, 2006 ::


My Varanasi travel notes and accompanying photographs have appeared on the cover of 'Landscape' magazine, New Delhi. It was due for a while, but I did not know it was going to be on the cover! Even more surprise was a double page center blow-up of this photograph.

cover landscape magazine

You can also read the Varanasi travel report on my travel blog.

Below are the pictures that were published in the mag.

1. Jain Munis walking on the ghats
2. Drying saris on the ghats
3. View of the ghats
4. Women enjoying the boat ride
5. A view of the ghats
6. Women in Prayer
7. Preparing for the aarti
8. A woman worships peepul tree
9. A Sadhu on the ghats
10. Ganga aarti
11. A woman in prayer
12. A Sadhu makes offering to sun

You can see more images on the Varanasi album in my image gallery.

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