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:: Thursday, April 25, 2002 ::


Here goes the stages I see in a blogging cycle. I guess this is a very typical set of processes that everyone goes thru. But a few decide to drop out from blogging and another few shine.

  1. Discovered blogging. Either a friend has shown the way or surfed a lot and found out

  2. Boy! This is some real cool stuff. Let me jump in and start off right away

  3. wow! I have never discovered anything so good on the internet. This is one true revolution. I spend long hours setting up my template and reloading the pages to see how it looks like. The fun never stops. Is this a dream?

  4. Ah! Now my template is doing good. Putting up so many hours was finally useful. Now bang into regular daily blogging. All I need is around 15-20 minutes a day.

  5. Yoo! hoo!! There are comments coming in. Can you believe this? People seem to like my blog and there are some regular visitors too. The genius in me is showing his writing skills.

  6. wow! My site stats just broke thru the sky and going still higher. I am really happy!

  7. Time to push my friends. Hey people, why don't you guys blog? See, isn't it a cool thing to do? Don't waste away your leisure watching tv.

  8. hmm. Can't find much to write these days. Exhausted writing everything I had. But hey, if I don't write everyday, people would stop visiting my site. Let's see what story they are running in wired or nyt or salon and do some commenting on it!

  9. Hey, I think I am getting bored of this a bit. But still I want to continue, it is just that topics are drying up

  10. ok, now I don't blog everyday anymore. So what, I still blog. But if I don't post regularly, I'll loose my visitors.

  11. Looks like this is time to stop bloging for the sake of it. Let me post something only when I get something that is worth writing

  12. Frequency of posting has bottomed out. Go back to step 8 and continue again

:: Sunday, April 14, 2002 ::

On a day like today

-Bryan Adams

Free is all you gotta be
dream dreams no one else can see
sometimes ya wanna run away
but ya never know what might be comin' round your way

On a day like today
the whole world could change
the sun's gonna shine
shine thru the rain
on a day like today
ya never wanna see the sun go down

I always loved freedom and mobility to the extreme. I always loved this song ever since I have heard this

:: Saturday, April 13, 2002 ::
Warning: Metablog!

I have decided to put this sign when the post is a "blogging about blogging" , so that anyone who hates it need not procede. I promise that you will not see a lot of this warning in my site.

I am happy! I can see more bloggers from India than I can keep track of. I remember only 2 months back when I was struggling to find any fellow countrymen in the blogworld. I was majorly into bloghopping then and was actually surprised to see that number of Indians into blogging are very few. It was so small that in around 10 minutes, I could finish reading almost all the Indian blogs. Seems a good lot of us have discovered blogging in last one month or two. And the number of people is growing big enough that I no longer find time enough to surf all the blogs everyday. Thats great going. I just hope that none of the bloggers get tired of it soon, a danger lot of beginners and even old bloggers always face. Let me wish great going for every Indian blogger!

For anyone who wants to see a list of Indian bloggers:


My liking to animated movies can be beaten only by my liking to comics and cartoons. Just love them to the core. Movies by themselves are great and fun to watch. You get to visualize lot of things that you would love to do but can't, could be anything ranging from enjoying a fun filled and romantic life to death defying stunts. But they are almost always limited to what humans can do, or some graphics that are too ugly to believe. And that's where animation beats real world movies. It's great to visualize something like Alice in wonderland or see friendly and nice lion cubs playing around with deers. Its even great to see comical sequences like Tom and Jerry or Roadrunner which can never be achieved without animation(Charlie Chaplin was real close).

For some time I had been wondering whatever happened to the quality of animation these days. No movie after Lion King really had the awesome quality of animation that it had. Even furthur releases from Disney itself were disappointing, as they moved on to 3D and new technologies. Luckily, things are looking up again. With the competition increasing between pixar, dreamworks and disney and even 20th century fox backing up animation(Ice Age), shine is back into the quality of animation movies. Even a movie like Ice Age(not yet relesed in India, I think) which lacks substance, story and any thing worth mentioning is nice to watch because its real good animation. On the day I went for this movie, they showed the trailer of this movie spirit from Dreaworks, to be released in May. The trailer is here, but make sure you have a megabandwidth before you try it. That seems to be one real good movie to watch, I think for once Disney will be beaten in animation. It is the story of harmonic life of a wild horse, difficult to tame., and our hero who manages a fearful ride on it and befriends the horse. The expressions of the horse pictured in the movie are really wonderful to watch. Actions are superbly brought out. Most of the times I felt as if I am there and all that is happening right in front of me. I just hope the movie lives up to the greatness of the trailer. ;-)

:: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 ::

I am now a blogspotter! Welcome to the site! :-)

:: Monday, April 01, 2002 ::
A long kept secret

Well, the picture went missing as my site moved! The original article is in http://www.geocities.com/arunchs/weblog/blogger.html

I had been thinking of this for a while. Finally I have decided that I write it out here.

It is about this unusual incident that happened a few months back. Me and my friend Nishant were wandering around on the top of a green hill. After a few momemts clouds began to gather in the sky. We were standing around wondering if we should go back to our shelter or have fun in a shower soon to be courtseyed by mother nature. That's when we sited this something unusual happening in the sky. There was some red coloured object that was coming down towards the earth. We looked at it wondering what it is. First, as the object was at a height and we could not see that very clearly, we thought it should be chopper or something painted pink in some odd funny taste. But as it descended, and we saw it's disk or saucer like shape, we could not make up our mind what it is. It sure wasn't a chopper, and it sure was not something that I had seen before. Call it luck or whatever, we had taken a camera along to take pictures of scenery around and test our photography skills. We did not manage to get a best picture of the object, but here is what that came out from the camera.

The small pink thing in the middle of the picture is what we both saw. At the bottom of the picture, you can see Nishant looking at the object in awe, wondering what it is! It was too fast for us to take some more pictures. It did not descend very low, and it vanished very quickly. And out of the three photos that we took, only this one came out clearly.

For sometime, we spculated on the identity of the object. After not being able to decide what it is or come to any kind of consensus, we decided to close the issue. We did not talk about this to any one or did not make the picture public. But we sure spent hell of a time wondering what it could be. The subject propped up yesterday again, as I was looking at my photo archives. This time I spoke to Nishant again, we decided to put this here on my weblog and let anyone decided what it could be. I have struggled very hard to prevent myself from writing here about what all did we speculate on the object the other day. But I am anxious and curious to know from wise people what in the world could this object be? I hope to see this mystery resolved.

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