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:: Friday, May 31, 2002 ::

More pictures, they are getting worser from post to post....

:: Thursday, May 23, 2002 ::
On the way back from Seward to Anchorage

View of Cook Inlet

:: Thursday, May 16, 2002 ::
Resurrection Bay

The bay is located near the town of Seward, and stretched to around 30 kilometers into the land. Like most of the places in Alaska, the bay to is covered with mountains until you face the open sea. And there are several hills that decided to stay for themselves and formed islands. No surprises that the bigger mountains are covered in snow, probably round the year.

Resurrection bay is called so because this is a wildlife preserve and you can see a great population of animals here. The ones that attract every one most are the killer whales. We were fortunate on that day to be able to see a good number of them hanging around us for more than half an hour. Most of the islands around are full of birds or sea lions. Sea Puffins and sea gulls form most of the winged population but the most attractive of the lot are bald eagles. Bald eagles are not in big numbers but they are in numbers good enough that no one will miss them. One great event we got to see was the fighting of two bald eagles for a prey one of them had caught just then. It did not last long though......

:: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 ::
Anchorage to Seward

Just can't help reitereating - this place is a beauty. The 4 hours train journey that I took to Seward is something that I will definitely remember for rest of my life.

The day begin early as the train starts around 6-45. The train station itself had some surprise to offer - it is located on the sea shore! It wasn't very unusual for me that the train started 20 minutes late! :-) The track runs close to the sea for a few minutes. Sea is not entirely correct since it is a water inlet(Cook Inlet) from sea that runs a long way into the land. As the train gets into the city of Anchorage from here, the most fun thing to watch is the parking lots for airplanes! Alaska has a high density of people who own microlites and you get to see a lot of them where-ever you go around! Don't be surprised if you are walking by and see a plane land in some empty place next to you!

The moment we are out of Anchorage, the tracks again run close to the inlet. For the next two hours, it is a great pleasure to watch the inlet, which looks more like a lake. To the other side of the train are mountains covered with snow. The surroundings look so great that I wish the journey would go on and on for ever. Once the inlet passes behind, it is snow all around but for the tracks. It looks like a milky cover with a mountains forming the edge and the train tracks running in the middle of them. On the way we pass thru a few glacires, hundreds of mountains, creeks and snow filled water bodies and coniferous trees. Every inch of the land brings out a wish to be living here forever. People here are sure lucky......

:: Saturday, May 11, 2002 ::
Anchorage, Alaska

It has been such a long time I have been away from my blog that I had forgotten the URL where I am supposed to post at! First I went to blogspot and then I thought oh! no, this is not the place, I am supposed to go to blogger.com!

Flying machines have now dropped me at the Alaskan ice planes. This place is one hell of a wonder on this earth. I wish I lived here forever and it be summer here thru the year. Temperatue runs around 3 degree to 12 degree Centigrade in a day and supposed to go up to 17-18 at good summer. But it does not feel very chilling. Rather, it is nice and beautiful to walk out in the streets, especially when there is sun. Sun sets around 10-30PM these days in summer. I hear that it will be bright and shining by 4 in the morning but haven't verified it myself. :-) The city of Anchorage seems to be made to order to be enveloped by beauty. To one side are snow capped mountains that are a sight I never get tired of seeing. And on the other side is see(I have not seen that yet!). I hear waves in the sea shores is hear are great to watch, I am dying to see them. The only problem with Alaska is that it takes ages to finish seeing all the beautiful places here(And it costs lot of $$). There are hundreds of fjords, glaciers, mountains and adventure sports to be enjoyed. Covering every thing may take months together(and a couple of grands) doing only that, which is why I would rather live hear. My grand Alaskan sight seeing is to be kicked off today!

In the next few weeks, I plan to post some pictures that I would be taking(Haven't got any yet). Just can't wait to build a library of pictures. :-))

Some of the responses that I received when I said I am heading to Alaska:

  • oh! god

  • you ok there? Not freezing right

  • Do people live there? Is that a normal place

  • It will be very cold there(assertive)

  • hah! Don't bluff. I know you are joking!!

  • !!

  • coool(literally)

What I am going to miss here is Arora Boralis(Northern lights). How I wish I could see that! I would give anything for this light show. But I hear is happens only during winters.

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