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:: Sunday, June 27, 2004 ::

It has been a while I have posted something. It was the lack of words, which is normal with me. But more sadly, it was the lack of pictures that always made up for the lack of words.

I have been doing what I have always been good at. Taking vacations. I have broken off from regular schedule of wake-up, go-to-work, wait-for-the-weekend and blah blah.. It has been a week since I quit my old job and living carefree. Things are going to remain this way for 3 more weeks to come.

The break time is being used well so far - with a bit of travelling, a bit of time spent on doing lot of my personal work that was left undone, meeting people, doing a bit of introspection on things and spending some peaceful time all by myself. Like the true human nature, I havent even finished half of my free time and already beginning to wish that I had more time on hands. What I do repent is that certain constraints are holding me from doing much of photography that I so much wanted to do.

Ofcourse the fact that I used to blog from workplace means that not much of it is going to happen in the days to come. So there goes the fate of my blog for some more days to come..

:: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 ::


To inform all the buddies who have been returning here looking for something new - Looks like the sabbatical here is going to stay for sometime. Will be out of blogging for may be around next 4-5 weeks. Some sporadic posts may happen if a withdrawl symptom surfaces now and then. But I am surely drained of text and images at this point and don't see much coming in soon.

Here is one last image - an attempt at low light exposure which turned out to be a dampener.

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