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:: Saturday, March 18, 2006 ::


I am hitting the road again after a short duration of rest. This time, I am heading to the North East, primarily to Arunachal Pradesh. Although I was not all the excited about most of the North East and rather prefer the higher regions in the Himalayas, I had always dreamed of going to Arunachal Pradesh. But the need for permits was discouraging. Now that it has been sorted out, I am thrilled about it.

I am primarily going to be at Eaglenest National Park, working on Eaglenest Biodiversity Project with Kaati Trust, Pune. I will be there for 10 days, and after that might head towards Tawang and higher regions of Arunachal. I also intend to visit Kaziranga, which has been in my list for a long time. Wish me a good trip. :)

:: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 ::


It pains to see bombs rocking India yet again. I was in Varanasi only a few days ago and it all looked like no such things can happen there. I happened to make a good friend during my stay in Varanasi and he was a regular visitor to the Sankat Mochan temple where the blasts happened. I hope he is in good shape.

In such a time when the country should stand together in solidarity, Rajnath Singh and BJP are not doing what they should. Instead of sending out a message of the country's unity against such deeds, he only opened his mouth against the government, making an attempt to get some political mileage. Lets not heed to the words of such people and join hands in condemning this irrational act of violence.

:: Monday, March 06, 2006 ::


It is exactly thirty days since I started travelling, and am finally back in town. It is good to be back, good to see the good old town, catch up with people and things I have missed. And I am back at a time when north India was just about beginning to get hot, only to be welcomed by summer showers in Bangalore. Although glad to be home, I realized on my way back that I longed for much more. I was at Agra for a short stop and realized that Bharatpur was only a 90 minute journey, and if only I knew that before, could have spent a few days out there.

at taj mahal

The month long travelling has taken me places and I have learnt a lot, seen a lot, met many people end enjoyed every bit of it. I am looking forward to making more journeys, which I shall get on with soon! As always, I am slow in updating with pictures and stories, but I have made a beginning to write about my journey in my travelblog, and have posted one of the images in the digiblog.

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