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:: Saturday, January 31, 2009 ::

This month's desktop calendar wallpaper is from Khuri Village, Rajasthan. Click on the image to get it in 1024x768

February 2009 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper


:: Monday, January 19, 2009 ::

Why is there so much of a fuss against the big league industrialists proposing a name for the prime minister's job? People are talking about big guys sidelining one billion people. But Mittal and Ambani are also one of the one billion people and are free to pitch whoever they think are the right people. Yes, true, they have a bigger voice. But that doesn't mean they should keep their lips tight. They can propose someone freely, just the way you are I would talk about our preferences for the prime minister.

So here I go. I would not like to see Modi up there in chief's chair. He might bring in progress yes, but an autocratic man in top position can also cause damages. I can't think of a right prime ministerial candidate. LK Advani doesn't win my favours either. I have always felt he is one of the people genuinely concerned for the nation, but I doubt if he is competent enough. Right now, I can't think of anyone who can fit the bill. Time to wait and watch.

2008 was a happy happy sort of year when I lived life careless, or simply said, freaked out. It was a breezy year full of nice nice things, mostly. I could take life for granted and live it as it comes. It is probably not because I was very composed, but because life was predictable. I usually knew that every tomorrow is likely to be as good a day as today. The whole year, from the very first day, till the very last day, lasted happily. The new year has begun with a sense of loss. The assured days will no longer be. Sometimes it feels like being carried to a cold and windy place and then being left along there; like walking on the banks of a beautiful river, and suddenly slipping into the cold water. I wish the days stayed like the last year.

But it is not very bad either. I could see these days coming, and spent some time preparing for them. Instead of spending time chilled and easy as I did for the whole year, I am organizing self to do more work, be methodical and spend time constructively than before, which hopefully fills up the losses. To some extent. Hopefully. Right now, I have managed to stay cheerful. I expect me to remain so in the coming days.

So the last two weeks have been spent trying to discipline myself. I wake up earlier than I did, go for a jog regularly, do more work than I did and have been meditating more regularly than before. May be somethings happen just to keep you on your toes, and might eventually turn good.

:: Friday, January 09, 2009 ::

There is never enough time, especially when you are wasting a lot of it.

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