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:: Friday, December 30, 2005 ::


Dandeli is a place that has completely fascinad me. I had been around that place three times and it was still calling me. So I made another trip a few days back, and I know I am going to be making more trips. Here is an image of a pair of jungle babblers cuddling up on a nice afternoon.

Pair of Jungle Babblers

:: Monday, December 19, 2005 ::


This space has been left without any entries lately. Along with the fact that I am on the move most of the time, I must confess I am not attending this blog much. And I really don't have much more to say, but for retelling the now oft-repeated fact that I am having a great time travelling. I spend a good lot of my time on the move, and while I am in city, I spend my time occasionally catching up with friends, reading some books or quietly musing myself.

My last trip has been to Kerala, where I visited Wayanad(Read about my earlier visit to Wayanad) for 4 days and spent most of the time looking for beautiful birds of the Western Ghats. Of course, I came back with some of those beauties now permanently etched into my hard disk. Here is an image of a Little Cormorant, which is not a difficult bird to photograph.

little cormorant

I felt some time earlier that I needed an easier way to let my visitors browse through my image archives instead of having to scurry through this blog. So I installed a photo album where I am slowly adding my images. It is a very small collection as of now, but keep dropping by for more.

Also read some of the recent updates on my travel blog about my quest for snow, a trek to Brahmagiri hills in Kodagu, spending a day in Muthodi at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and the architectural splendors or Beluru and Halebeedu.

:: Monday, December 05, 2005 ::


I won't be connected to the internet tomorrow, so I might as well post it today! This blog was conceived on the 7th December of 2001 and will complete 4 years in existence hence. 4 years is probably long in the blogworld and surplus musings has survived, despite seeing many dry days. Here is wishing this blog many more years to come!

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