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:: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ::

With the year about to end, I was looking back at the ads that came out this year and was thinking of the best and the worst ones. It was not really a hard job to isolate them, especially when you are only shelling out opinionated remarks with no scientific incline.

The worst one came out to my mind much easily than the best - the infamous "Sehwag ki Ma" ad which made a big joke out of everything - the ad, the endorser and the promoters. And with this ad and its quality of service, Reliance went home with a reputation no one would desire.

Contestents for the best were in plenty. Some of the good ads from early days may have been forgotten too. The winner would have been the Hutch ad but in the last moment, it was pulled off by TVS. It is a recently launched ad that goes like The only reason we are in personal transportation business.... The visuals have a boy and a horse playing on the beach and is impressively picturized.

And then there are other categories to think of - The most stupid ad goes to Coke ad with Amir Khan the porter showing everest and Qutub Minar to the tourists. The most dishonest ad would be the Bajaj bike ad that talks about a highly advanced digital world(followed by almost every detergent ad), most honest - there probably isn't one, most creative - Hutch You and I, most ingeneous - BSNL ad about fixing up a marriage(Mujhe pasand hai maa...), funniest one - not sure(any takers for Chlormint ad with godman, Amir Khan as farmer?), most exaggerated - Palio NV(a good one that is), most simple and yet effective - TVS Victor's early ads(without Sachin) about more smiles per hour, (most)ugly ad - Airtel(even the umpire wants a tv...), disgusting - Sehwag Ki Ma again, silly - Britannia Gooday Kheer and Jeb ad. The list goes on.... Add yours...

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