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:: Thursday, December 04, 2003 ::


It happened a few days back. Suddenly everything went black! There was darkness everywhere - no voices to be heard, no one to be seen, just the faint glimmer of the emergency lights... I was stuck in the lift with a power outage!

Blame it on the movie makers for making it look so good! After hundreds of music video and an equal number of movies, I was naturally tuned into that mindset, and started searching for my sensuous accomplice who was supposed to be around when stuck in the lift, only to stumble into the walls in the darkness. It was my first time you see, I don't know much about how it all is supposed to work...

Well, when reality set in, I was not quite sure what to do. But not being the panicky kind, I simply decided to wait hoping that power comes back soon. But then, I live in Bangalore, so it was not really a great idea. Yet, I decided to wait for a few minutes hoping that someone might have seen me getting into the lift. It must have been less than a minute I guess, my patience ran out and I decided to opt for the shrieking cacophony of the emergeny bell. But there was a problem here too. Otis guys have placed the emergency button in such a good place that many times everyday someone accidentally starts it off. So no one bothered for the first time. When you are stuck in a hot, humid and dark lift, you are sure to acquire one trait - do not give up - try and try again until you succed. And so in a bid to put Vikram of Vikram - Betal to shame(for those who can understand - cHalabidadha thrivikramananthe...!), I attacked the emergency bell many times over until I heard some noises and footstpes. And the rescue operation started.

It was not an easygoing even after that. No one was sure about the rescue process. After some long minutes of trial and error, and execution of several plans from a small group that gathered outside, finally the doors managed to give way. And after more than may be 600 seconds of wait, some one out there said 'let there be light'!

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