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:: Thursday, April 12, 2007 ::

Work @ Home

Yesterday evening was a time for house cleaning. And this was not something I am used to doing in the last few years.

It is my maid's fault in the first place - she has gone on a 10-day vacation. I think she might have got infected with taking-a-vacation disease from me. She would have observed my staying away from work for long days and might have thought she must do it. Well, she decided, informed, and took off!

And from the day she stopped working, my abode started degenerating. No work got done on the first day of her absence and yet, things looked fine just as they always did. But a couple of days passed, and everything was in a mess. I tried to do a little bit of work here and there, now and then everyday to make sure that the house did not look like a garbage bin, but it was simply not good enough.

I came home yesterday evening with a determination to set things right. I started with the pile of vessels to clean first. By the time it was done three-fourth, I had had enough of it and decided to leave the remaining few in the sink, and come back later. In the process of cleaning the vessels, plenty of water had spilled on kitchen floor, part of it soapy with dish cleaning bar. I looked around a bit and saw plenty of grime accumulated around the stove in last few days. All of them needed immediate attention and I started working on them next.

That took another long cleaning session and I was beginning to feel I had enough of this work too, but managed to finish the task. By this time I was beginning to feel like quitting, hardly having done much work. Next, it was time for the clothes. I stood in front of the pile of clothes that begged for attention, and had a good look at the small mountain. After thinking hard on it for a few minutes, I finally separated a small portion of the mountain to work on for the day! Another 30 minutes gone and when I was done, I was not up for any more work.

I took a walk around the house, had a look at the remaining vessels in the kitchen, noticed the dust bin content level raising higher than normal and felt the slow gathering of dust on the floor. Would I step out of the house, I knew there was my car screaming at me for leaving several kilograms of dust from all over the city on it!

Looking at the state of things, I immediately knew what to do next - I turned on the comp, started off with a game of packman and got into playing it blissfully, leaving all the worries for the next day! Now I have emerged wiser and back to doing what I did before - taking care of only things that need immediate attention, and also waiting for the maid to return from her vacation! And play packman of course!


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