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:: Thursday, September 01, 2005 ::


A few years ago, I used to crib regularly in this space about having to do work that you just don't like to do - for the sake of living. It’s a thing I eventually got used to. And I have made many rants in this blog about the commute to office that used to appear eternal, and was stretching longer with time.

After putting much thought on it for almost a year now, I have taken a step that I always wanted to take but never did. Two days ago, I walked up to my manager and said I am quitting. I did not have another job in hand, and neither wanted one. I just wanted a break. My manager was taken by surprise but did well to hide it. After a short conversation, he asked me if he could offer any incentives to hold me back. But I was determined to take a break anyway. I intend to take off from work for six months.

Unfortunately I still have to wait for two more months before I am a free bird. I agreed to stay back for some more time and finish some critical tasks that had dependencies on me.

So what do I plan to do now? There are many things do. I am already beginning to feel that six months is not good enough. There are many places to visit, many photographs to take, many things to learn, many books to read and many many more activities to do. But having limited time in my hands, I have to use it efficiently and am beginning to plan it out.

The foremost thing in my mind is a ski trip. I got addicted to the sport when I skied for a week in Auli six months ago. I am planning to spend two weeks there again. The next thing is a short photography excursion to Ooty with light and life. And then I want to spend around 30 to 45 days travelling places. While I haven’t decided where all to go, I know there is no dearth of places. There are many books to read that have been pending for a long time. There are many things to learn, read and experience about photography. To add with fun, I also want to dedicate a good amount of time in social service and some kind of welfare activities. Besides, I need to give a visit to so many of my relatives who have been complaining for almost a decade that I haven’t visited them lately :) And then, I want some quite relaxed time for myself too. Did not I tell you six months is not enough? But right now is a two months wait ahead for my holiday to start.. :)

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