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:: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 ::

The Morning Hours

Last few days have been about getting up early and cycling for a good 30 minutes. While in the process, I already seem to have discovered a few muscles that earlier did not seem to exist. Darwin's theory about unused organs tapering away from the body over a long period(what is that theory called?) has less chances on operating on my clan now! I am reminded of what Ruskin Bond writes in one of his stories: 'In a hundred years, people will be born without legs. Of course by then, we will be having flying wheelchairs'.

The plan has been to wake up at 6 and start moving by 6.15. That means I can at least wake up by 6.30 and start moving by 6.45am. You have heard the phrase 'some things never change' and waking up on time is one of those 'some things'. The main roads look generally calm at this hour, but for the BPO cabs that do not quite align themselves with the cycles of sun and earth. The software crowd starts trickling in around 7 and gigantic buses buzz threateningly close to me. They have a long journey to make, and starting any later would hold them up for hours. But then, the world is full of smart people - everyone is starting early and it is again coming to the same story.

I used to sit in one of those buses sometime ago, and probably whiz past threateningly close to other cyclists. I see the same old expression of boredom on the faces of people heading to work. Reminds me all those attempts to make the mornings cheerful and not being all that successful with it. I encounter my once office bus at 7.15 and peer into it for familiar faces. All windows are closed and I can't see people inside well enough. I stop for a coffee around 7.30, and realize I have been having so much coffee lately that I don't enjoy it any more. I take a badaami haalu instead. It is 7.45 when I return home. All those once undiscovered muscles are now screaming of their existence!


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