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:: Sunday, August 19, 2007 ::

Strumming the Guitar

I have now set a new world record! And never really expected that it would happen. It has been three months since I have started learning guitar, and I haven't given up yet. Yes, three months is a real long time for me when it comes to sticking to something.

There is another kind of record that I have carefully hidden from rest of the world. The secret is becoming harder to keep within me and longing to come out, so I might as well share it. It is about the keyboard classes a few years back. I enrolled for weekend classes, went to first class, and was all excited about it. Next weekend I was out of town. The weekend after that I wasn't well and was again out of town the weekend after that. After that I felt too ashamed to get back to the class and show my face, and found solace in hiding myself from the teacher and then hiding the keyboard from me! I even gave away the keyboard to a friend, lest its memory would haunt me!

A slightly better performance was with the Spanish classes. I was all enthu about learning Espanol and proudly declared to my teacher in my first class - "I would like to learn Spanish, so I can travel to Latin America". She was impressed. But the impression did not last long when I started missing classes. Two months is as long I went to the class, and to be honest, I am surprised that I lasted that long!

Now, my guitar class thing had a few advantages. First, the classes happen right behind my house, and there is some level of flexibility with timings. That wasn't really enough, what worked is the persistence of the guy who conducts the classes. Each time I am missing in the class, he would call me to remind. I would politely say I can't make it due to a million excuses, and he would call me back again for the next class with the persistence of a monitor lizard. So after missing classes for a month, I gave in again and started going back.

I have been more regular now, and there is some confidence that I can really make it through this one. Wish me!


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