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:: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 ::

Thoughts of Food

Shruthi's post on comfort food got me thinking a little about the food I would rather not miss for many days.

I am generally open to any kind of food. I don't mind trying or living on alien food for a long time. In fact I love trying and tasting new stuff. In the days I have been away from home, I have never worried much about what I am getting to eat and have lived with what is available. The longest I have lived with completely alien food was probably for only two weeks. I spent fifteen days in Alaska having to live primarily on Mexican food(Tex-Mex), and was pretty delighted about tasting their delicacies. Even though I have been away from home for longer periods, I was not alienated completely from my regular food.

But when I was travelling in North India last year for a month, my weakness for food surfaced. I could manage pretty well with whatever is available for lunch and dinner, but I craved for regular breakfast every morning. That's how I realized it is hard for me to live without the usual Idli, Dosa, Uppittu and such southern delicacies.

I hate having to eat steamed rice or its derivatives(Pulao, Fried Rice,..) in the morning and would rather stay empty stomach instead. I am not so fond of Rotis of any kind either. South Indian food was not available in some areas where I was travelling. That put my with little else to eat in the morning, except Parathas. I like Aloo Parathas and enjoy eating them, but despite that my system was not very willing to accept them in the mornings. I guess it had to be the stuff I am used to eating everyday - Dosas, Idlis, etc.

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