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:: Thursday, April 19, 2007 ::

Rain Love

Fine moments that come with the rains

* Watching the clouds take over the skies, blocking the harsh sun, and suddenly the light is mild and the weather is pleasant
* The gentle cool breeze that precedes the rains, kissing the face and reminding of the impending rain
* The first drops falling on the body, just enough to make you feel the rain, and make you feel like the person that is rain itself!
* Realizing the intensity of the falling drops, trying to run for the nearest shelter, and finding one only after getting completely drenched!
* Slipping the feet into the small, clean and freshly formed puddles
* Sitting somewhere deep in the forest, watching a stream gushing down with renewed vigor supported by small and narrow streams forming out of nowhere and hurrying down the slopes
* Remembering the days of sailing down the stream with a paper boat
* Watching the smiles of the little school girl in her rain coat and umbrella on the way to the school, braving the torrent
* Looking for an isolated place on the road with a puddle and driving over it in full speed, watching the fountain of water rushing out all over the place
* rainbow!
* Holding an umbrella against the rush of water down the roof and listen to the sudden noise under the umbrella
* Getting into the swimming pool in April showers
* Listen to the lingering tup.. tup.. sounds long after the rains are gone
* Bright sun shining over the green and wet earth and the cool air after the rains

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