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:: Saturday, March 31, 2007 ::

About waking up..

I am a lazy person and I often say that to people I know. It is an excuse I use for getting away from something I don't like to do. It is not exactly the best excuse but serves the purpose when I can't think of anything better!

And laziness shows up in me first thing in the morning. Waking up is probably one of the biggest challenges I face in life. And it doesn't look any good when you have to do it again and again, day after day, without fail! Each night when I go to sleep, I decide to get rid of this habit of getting up late. Ambitious that I am, I set the alarm to 5am, no later! But the idea would not be to get up at 5 am, but at least to pull myself out of the bed by 7. The alarm starts ringing at 5am and when I don't turn it off, goes off to snooze and shouts again after 10 minutes. In the first 30 minutes since it starts, I would not even have heard the alarm and still be in sleep and then move to a half asleep mode where I still ignore the alarm. Finally when I wake up, it will be as late as 7.30am.

You might think that 7.30 is not late at all, but a reasonable time to wake up. At least that's what I feel. But the trouble is, my office bus comes to my bus stop at an un-earthly time of 7am to pick me up! Chances are I make it only once, or at the max twice a week. In the days I make it to the bus stop at time, the conversation with my colleagues at the stop goes usually goes like this.

Colleague 1: Hey long time no see! What's happening?

I mumble a good morning, cheer myself up with a wide smile and respond to him.

Colleague 2 walks in: Hey! Surprised to see you! What brings you here so early today?

Me: You see, it's been a long time since I saw you guys. I just wanted to meet you guys and say hello!

We all have a good laugh at the end of this standard conversation and then move on to chat about all other things in the world.

But sometimes I wonder if this drama is just because I am lazy or there or other reasons. May be I am just unwilling to pass another day hurrying to work, making my due contribution to the rat race and return home at the end of the day. May be my mind tries to postpone the beginning of my 'ordinary' days.

To prove that, I never get late or complain about waking up in the weekends. If I am going birding early morning or heading for a photography session, I am never late to wake up and never late to reach the place. Even when I am out somewhere travelling, I take every trouble to ensure that I wake up early to feel the new day in the new place and immensely enjoy it.

So, may be I am not lazy after all. But I would rather keep calling me so, just to escape myself from all things I would rather not do!

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