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:: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 ::

Bombay Blues

Shivraj Patil is a happy man. Jaipur was a pain. Kashmir was a bigger pain and Delhi was even more painful. They just did not let him change suits in peace day after day, hour after hour. Finally, it is Bombay that has allowed him to live a happy life ever after. Didn't you see him wave at people delightfully and do a big 'namaskara' as he announced his resignation? He would have had to go through few more agonizing months at office but for the men with guns going to work methodically at Mumbai.

A 'small incidence' happened in VT, Cama, Taj, Leopald, Trident and Nariman House put together. Very small indeed. Thankfully, small incidences make more small incidences happen. In a smaller incidence, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra RR Patil relinquished his rather big seat and became as small as he should really have always been.

I like Vilasrao Deshmukh a lot. He is the most honest person I have ever seen. He spoke to tv cameras on record that if the congress working committee thinks he holds responsibility for the incidences in Mumbai, he is willing to offer his resignation. Oops! Congress Working Committee had forgotten to tell the poor little kiddo Deshmukh about his responsibilities properly when he became chief minister. Not his fault at all, really.

It is Kerala chief minister whatzizname I love the most. 'No dog would visit Mr.Unnikrishnan's house but for Martyr Sandeep,' he is supposed to have said. Quite right he is. When dogs were not allowed into the house, dogs would not visit the house indeed.

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