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:: Friday, December 05, 2008 ::

7 years + 600 posts + Random Updates

After many hours of browsing on a leisurely day, I thought of posting something here today. On logging into my blogger console and when about to press 'New Post', I happened to notice I had crossed 600 posts recently. This is 603rd. I then recalled this is December, the month when I started this blog. But I had not rememebered the date and had to check back when the first post was made. Surplus Musings' birthday falls on 7th December.

So here we are - 600 posts and 7 years of Surplus Musings.

And to give some random life updates from the past few days. November was a busy month, and December seems to to be going that way. There are articles to write and make an attempt to sell, some software development work to complete and some software related work to get started with. In the meanwhile, my first article in a foreign publication appeared in Kansai Time Out magazine, Japan. The next 2-3 months will be spent trying to get into North American markets. Another recent publication is on Harmony magazine, published from Mumbai, to which I sold a few images from Hampi, thanks to a lead from a fellow photographer. Last month I said no to an opportunity to travel across India at someone else's expense and write about it. Don't ask me why I did not take it. In the meanwhile, it looks like I might be invited from another established photographer to work with him on a regular basis. But this is mostly on indoor shoots, and I am not sure how exciting is it likely to be. Keeping fingers crossed.

A trip to Goa happened in the last week of November amidst all this. Since there is enough work in hand these days, I am experimenting on carrying laptop as I travel, and it doesn't seem to be a bad idea at all!

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