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:: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 ::

Resurrection(or the nth attempt to it)

Its very well possible that I will be the only person reading this post. Its such a long time since I made any updates, unlikely there is anyone still lurking around. So be it, I tell myself, and continue to scribble anyway. It has been a few months since I have written on Surplus Musings, but that's now a regular affair. Once in a while I wake up and think, 'oh, there is surplus musings and I need to write something there'. And then I open my blogger dashboard, write a short post which always tells the same thing - that I am rarely updating this page and hope to get regular from now on. Admittedly, this is one such attempt. Now that I have made a habit of it, I might as well continue making such posts, don't I? For all you know I might end up with a guinness record for maximum number of resurrection attempts for a blog.

Now to get a little serious, its pure laziness(something I excel in) that keeps me from making any updates here. Once in a while I have better excuses to hide the laziness behind. Like now. I was on a two-month long trip to Ladakh, you see! Now, that sounds like a good excuse to me, so do please believe and trust me, and expect a lot of updates in the days to come on surplus musings.

So, now that I am back from a two-month long Ladakh trip, let me talk about it. It has been two weeks since I am back in Bangalore, but can't help but stay in Ladakh mood. The place has its magic that ensures that its after-effects remain for a long time. I am hoping I will make a fairly long story on the trip and publish it on India Travel Blog - long enough that it takes more than those two months I spent to write and publish it. But that will be some time later. Now, to give you a glimpse of Ladakh, here is an image to begin with.


After this short scribble, I kind of realized that I enjoy writing on surplus musings more than any other place. I can let my mind run freely and scribble what comes out, not worrying about how much sense it makes, not bothering to proof read or worry about the quality of posts. On India Travel Blog, my other weblog that frequently gets updated, it is an effort to try and bring some shape to an article, try to make sure that it is complete and readable and makes sense. Yes, I still do enjoy writing on ITB, but it is definitely not as easy as writing all the nonsense that I feel free to write here. Yes, may be I should give some more time for Surplus Musings.

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