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:: Thursday, February 28, 2008 ::

The genius of BMP engineers

We in Bangalore are always happening, lead the way, do new things that puts us apart from the rest. We showed how things can be done completely differently and in a totally unpredictable manner when we introduced a manned interchange on the first floor on Richmond Circle Flyover. I am sure no one has been able to achieve anything like that yet. We did not stop our innovative ideas there, we keep improving by the day. And it was evident with recently finished Kaveri Junction underpass. See the image for the layout of the underpass.

Kaveri Junction

1. If you go from Sadashivanagar to Windsor Manor Bridge, you take the underpass
2. If you go from Mekhri circle to Windsor Manor Bridge, you go straight at ground level, uninterrupted
3. If you go from Windsor Manor Bridge to Mekhri circle, you once waited for signal. Now you go at ground level, along the route as shown in picture.

I got a chance to take this road a couple of days and could not help but appreciate the most ingenious design ever. We must give some awards to BMP engineers. As I passed the U turn and headed towards Mekhri circle, I felt that the shape of the road is oddly familiar. After a few seconds, it struck me. It struck me when I conceived the shape from Mekhri circle end - it looks like a 'question mark'! BCC engineers have given a very opt shape for their design! Very very apt!


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