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:: Monday, October 08, 2007 ::


* by the fact that I always keep finding single socks in my pile of clothes every now and then, with the other one missing or hidden somewhere, never available when needed.
* on the driving habits of Bangaloreans, and their incredible skill to cook up a traffic jam even at places where it is least likely to happen.
* on discovering lipstick mark on the rear view mirror of my car! Why would someone(hopefully a pretty girl) target a mirror but not me instead! :p
* on having to prove myself. I am told that I look younger than I am - something I am neither elated nor bothered about. But sometimes in peer groups(especially at work) I am meeting for first/second time, I get snubbed until I prove myself - a process I have started enjoying lately.
* on discovering that there are a few more people who are like me, and who can understand my thought processes - something I did not really expect.
* when people tell me that they wish they were like me, even when they don't seem to be of 'my type'. All the more intrigued that I seem to have some admirers, which I never seem to understand.
* when people throw garbage all over the place and justify it by saying that they are only throwing bio-degradable stuff; pretentious friends of environment! Snobs and SOBs is what I would like to call them but I am cultured to be polite. I pity the education they have allowed to filter into their peanut brains.
* Of the monstrous home loans. Self owned house is supposed to give you freedom; does it really give freedom of mind?
* Of people who can't prioritize their own life.. Of those who run behind things that are supposed to be good instead of things that ARE good!
* Of me! For acceding, to some degree, to the previous point.

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