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:: Thursday, October 25, 2007 ::

Bless Bangalore's traffic!

I know you won't come across such a title anywhere else. Read along and figure out yourself!

I left work yesterday a little later than usual, and ended up missing the office bus. Next option was public transport. I walked up to the bus stop and got into the Volvo that arrived almost immediately. As I was getting in, I suddenly remembered I had almost no cash in my wallet. I open it and see a single Rs.10 bill laughing at me. I scourged my bag for whatever change available, and found another fifteen rupees. Still Rs.10 short of Rs.35 needed to take me home.

After some quick thinking, I took a seat and asked for a ticket to Marathahalli. The plan was to at least cross the gigantic traffic jams at Marathahalli in comfort, and then take an ordinary bus, for which the money on me would have sufficed.

Our bus joined the long tail of vehicles near Kundalahalli gate when a brainwave flashed into me. As the bus made its way through the traffic in snail pace, I kept a watch on the surroundings. A few minutes after slowly moving forward, I found what I wanted. I jumped at the sight of first ATM and ran into it. It was luckily empty, and I had some money on me in two minutes. I ran back to see that the bus had not managed to move an inch forward, and happily got into it with some money in hand to pay for rest of the journey!

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