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:: Thursday, September 20, 2007 ::

SeventyMM and the ordeal of ordering

One fine day, I woke up and decided that I need to watch more movies from now on. In a few hours, I had subscribed to seventymm and was on a roll. You see, I am a very decisive person who can act real fast! And as soon as I enrolled, the fun started.

Folks at seventymm seem to believe that if they stay silent, they may have to let go a customer. So I was immediately bombarded with communications from them. First shock - there were four emails on my mail box.

Email 1: Welcome to seventymm, blah, blah and more blah..
Email 2: Thank you for registering to seventymm, etc, etc.. Yes, if I remember correctly (1) and (2) were different emails.
Email 3: Thanks for the payment..
Email 4: Here is the faq, these are the features we have, these are the things you do, so on and on and on and on..

And it looks like they were not sure if people read there emails. Within 5 minutes of registration, some one called me up and thanked me for the subscription and gave me some instructions. He said they can deliver me a movie on the same day and asked me to add a few movies in my queue, just in case the specific ones I wanted weren't available.

Done. Waited for the movie that never came on the same day. It turns out they are really low on inventory. I had entered 8 movies in my queue and they did not have any of them!

Ok. But they were not to leave me for myself. Two days later I get a call from an unknown number. Its the seventymm folks! And they "re-remembered" me! The lady who called said, "sir, this is a welcome call sir.. thank you for subscribing to seventymm saar.. you can do this and this and you should do this and this saar.. thank you saar.." and banged the phone down. Never even bothered to explain why my movies weren't delivered to me as they had mentioned earlier.

The best part was yet to come. You would never guess anyone would do this to you. Another day later, they were still not sure if I love them enough. I received a courier from them, and it turned out to be a hardcopy of the faq on their website. Admit you could never have guessed this, did ya?

After 2 more days, they finally had some of the movies I wanted. Thank god, at least the wait was not eternal! But the delivery process added more fun.

Someone called me on Tuesday and said - "shall I deliver the movie saar..?"

I was unwell and at home that day.

Me: Okay.. bring it to my home address. Not to office address.

Caller: Which area saar?

I could not believe that he can't look up my home address in the system. Anyway I told him. He said "okay saar.. I will bring it" and hung up. I waited for my movies to come to me that day. They never did.

Next day, I am at office. I get the call again; now he is now trying to deliver it home while I am at work. "Saar, I am near your house.. can you give me landmark and directions?" I gave him, told him that I am not at home and asked him to leave it with the neighbours.

So I presumed I will finally have the DVDs in the evening. I was wrong. They had not come! Another day passes, and I am at work and the phone rings. "seventymm sir.. shall I bring the movies?" Now I was ready for their call; I nearly expected them to call every day, at least once. I love the way they love their customers! I said, "ok, get it to office," but never hoped it will come. Late afternoon and I get another call with familiar greeting -

"seventymm sir..!"

But this time the news was better. "Sir I am waiting outside the gate."

I thought wow, and finally received the movie from my loving caller! That was yesterday. I am hoping I won't have any calls from them today.

The story was not finished though. As I was entering back into my office with DVDs in hand, the dutiful security folks stopped me. STPI premises, no unauthorized magnetic media inside the office, etc, etc. Darn! Why did not these seventymm guys give me the movies in a cover or something! So I had to surrender it at the gates and could only pick it up when I was leaving office for the day!

What an ordeal, I think I am drained enough that I have no energy left for watching the movie now!


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