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:: Monday, September 10, 2007 ::


A surprise invitation from guys from an old gang saw me heading to play paintball last weekend. Funny how things turn out, only sometime back I was thinking of exploring it and as if someone figured it, plans fell in place!

Checkout the link to know what paintball is all about. If you are too lazy to click(I know you will be!), here is a quick brief. Its a shooting game with semi-automatic toy guns. For bullets, you use colorful balls with liquid inside it. When you are hit, the ball bursts and the liquid splashes all over your body declaring you out!

Our instructor showed us how to shoot and seeing the way the paintball jetted out, people gasped. "ouch.. it can hurt". It does, but not badly. Nine of us, we split into two groups with ours being smaller - four people. World has to be unfair to me isn't it? :D But we played 3 games in as many hours and we won all that, killing our enemies in no time.. Okay, thats not the truth.. We lost two of those games but we still won one game despite being a smaller team ok? My best moment was when I and an enemy were hiding the in the same bunker - opposite ends. I threw wisdom and caution into air and boldly got up and shot bang into his face before he knew what happened! hahaha... D But in the previous game, those folks - three of them had attacked me from three different and had shot me like Sallu shooting the poor black bucks.. :P

After three games we headed to bushy wilderness outside the arena and started shooting everyone all over the place. I had a spat of guns with S and at the end of a burst, it turned out I had not shot her even once properly! It was like in the bond movies, one party gets shot by a revolver but the bond happily escapes truck loads of machine guns aiming at him! darn!

We were tired at the end of the game and rested for a while, and on the way, our guide showed us a guava orchard in their campus with nice ripe fruits. After we walked past the orchard, there were no ripe fruits in the trees he he!! :D

It was a fun game, except that one of the close shots I took still pains slightly.. :)

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