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:: Thursday, September 20, 2007 ::

A New Way to Give Directions

Big time rains paralysed Bangalore last week, with traffic jams all over the city. The word 'paralysed' has already lost the emphasis it is supposed to create due to overuse. But until we come up with a better word, let's hang on to what we have. I would not be too keen to admit on lack of creativity anyway.

Not to digress from the main topic, it suddenly flashed to me that we can have a whole new way to give directions when someone asks how to reach a place. For example, here is a great way to tell someone how to drive from Banashankari to ITPL - a road I frequently commute on.

"Start from Banashankari towards Ragigudda and enjoy the smooth flow of traffic in the first few minutes. Enter Jayadeva Hosiptal flyover and join the line of vehicles already piled on the top of the flyover. And just wait there! If you move forward in less than 15 minutes, you are probably at the wrong place. Crawl along with rest of the traffic to reach 16th main junction and again - just wait there! After waiting till you get totatlly frustrated, jump the signal with the help of your neighbouring cab driver(Now, this is something I really don't do and recommend, but that's how it usually happens) and somehow continue to crawl further. In case you see yourself in a breezy fast moving lane, you have missed your way, so look around for the longest traffic jam around and join back in the tail!

You somehow managed to drive through SilkBoard. Now let out all the frustrations you have had on your accelerator; but just stay away from the cabs, okay? Continue the smooth ride till you reach the big long pile of cars at Sarjapur Junction. And of course, next thing to do is wait! After clearing the junction, look for the immediate traffic jam near Bellandur and gleefully join the long queue. Clear this again, vent out your ire on the accelarator(remember - I told you to stay away from cabs) till you reach another set of traffic jams at Marathahalli. Go right up the flyover and join the traffic jam. And once you come down the flyover, get into the next traffic jam at Kundalahalli. Your next landmark(!) will be the traffic jam at Graphite. Just when you are thinking you had enough for the day, all the gates open up from here and give you a free run all the way to ITPL."

That's it! The trick is very simple. Just spot the next jam and join the gang, and you will automatically reach your destination!

I am sure it applies to most of the roads in city. Try it the next time someone asks you for directions!


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