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:: Sunday, September 02, 2007 ::

My Room..

When Mouna wrote about the mess that her room has been, I asked her to post a photo. But mine was no better, and it seemed worth a picture. Disclaimer: It is not always like this, but now matter how it is, it always gets to being like this some day!

My Room

1. I had wired something a few months ago for some temporary purpose. The purpose is past now but the wires remain.
2. The hotspot - right now seem to be carrying too many things - my guitar, small backpack, many clothes, unicef 2008 calendars box, camera, lens, a few books and many more things that are yet to be discovered and listed! Where to I sleep then? Good question! :D But it is empty below the cot - mind you - it is chaotic but not dirty. At least the floor sees some cleaning every day.
3. The curtain is alright, but has a few things invisible. 2-3 data cables to connect to me to the world, a hub.. The poster you see to the left of the curtain is intended to reflect the chaos of my room. It is not visible well in the pic; it says 'this is my room' and has a cartoon of a room similar to mine!
4. The computer table - has a small unorganized pile of books and CDs, Flash card reader to the right of it. There is an equal amount of chaos in the rack below too..

Like with most people, nothing gets lost in this room and anything I need will be always found in no time. On the days when it is all organized, I never seem to find things..


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