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:: Monday, September 24, 2007 ::

India wins the Twenty 20 World Cup

Nobody predicted it isn't it? Well, that's when it is all the more fun. I wasn't meant to watch the match as something else kept me from it; but managed to make it for the last four overs of the match. I think those were the overs that were really really worth the entire game. Few little things of interest at the end of the match.

- As soon as the last ball was caught by Sreesanth, ESPN did not throw in a hurricane of ads as they normally would, but continued the relay. Bless them.
- Did you notice? Joginder Sharma's last ball was a lousy one. If Misbah just stood his ground, the ball was an ideal candidate for another sixer. It was a showdown between two stupid guys; at the end the stupider of the two lost out! :D
- Ravi Shastri kept saying again and again that Misbah's brain is working like a computer. Finally every computer meets its virus! :D
- Dhoni seems to be a really cool dude. As much as he is known to keep his cool in difficult moments, he did not really go bananas after the win.
- Harbhajan seemed to be the most delighted of the whole lot
- Did you see Dhoni instructing team members to go around the ground soon after the match was over? A few of them took off, and Dhoni himself stayed back!
- And when they started running, they were empty handed. Then they cleverly picked up some flags from the spectators
- Did you see those two ladies brining in the cup? Someone had carefully designed awful looking dresses for them. And they wore such perfect artificial smile, it would make the most seasoned air hostess to go into hiding!

The presentation ceremony is on as I am writing this. Am looking for more things interesting to update.. :)

- Pathan's tensions have no end. He was struggling and stuttering with words as he received man of the match award.
- Afridi says - "Winning and loosing doesn't really matter". Well Afridi, we understand :)
- Dhoni said it straight and clear - "No one expected us to win". You guys did it man!

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