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:: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 ::

A Guest @ Work..

Was at a training room today morning at work. We must be around 20-25 people and were half-way through the training. If you don't understand what half-way through the training means - people were just beginning to shift to sleepy mode. And then an intruder appeared out of nowhere. It was a tiny mouse that had lost his co-ordinates and was gripped with fear!

The next part of the story is slightly predictable. The girls in the room screamed and there was sudden burst of activity in the room - a quick transformation from the sleepy mood! The mouse would have found a corner to hide and it would all be fine, but some one got a brainwave and called the security personnel! I am not sure since when did the security staff's job extend to flushing out tiny four legged intruders! Obviously neither were they trained to it and nor were they equipped.

Someone did arrive and he had a totally confused look on his face. Poor chap, I am sure he never thought he would have to face such situations in his job! But luck was in his favor - a few seconds after he opened the door and came in, the troubled mouse found it's way out of the ruckus from the still open door and relieved every one of the further trouble.


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