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:: Saturday, September 15, 2007 ::

For a Good Friend..

She was relocating. She already lived 1000 miles away but was moving another 10,000 miles further. I called her on the day she was about to leave.

Me: Hey, so you leaving tonite..

She: Yes, the flight is at xyz hour..

Me: Great, you have a great time wherever you live, etc, etc..

She: Thanks, you too have a good time.. blah.. blah..

Me: You know you are going to be missed.

Now, that had given her the opportunity to burst and spatter all her ire that was lying dormant till now and waiting to come out. She nearly screamed -

She: Ya? When you went to Spiti Valley you did not even tell me. We were planning a Ladakh trip for such a long time and you said you are going to be busy and all that and then you folks suddenly left without even leaving a word.. after you guys come back I get to hear the news.. you did not even tell.. you did not even call.. $%&^$@*&%^....

Now I was not looking forward to this one. I had not seen it coming.

Me: Jeez.. you would have come? But I presumed you were busy with relocation plan, GRE and all that.. you had been telling that you hardly have time in your hands, and been running all over the place.. gawd.. so sorry.. you know it would have been so nice to have you around.. mumble.. mumble..

She: Ya.. you tell me all this now.. I so wanted to go there.. and you did not even say a word.. ^&*#^$(#@^^...

Me: Oops.. umm.. *searching for words* ok, my mistake.. Now, say some sweet sweet words before you go; don't be so harsh, be nice and goody goody.. :)

She: hmmm.. alrite then. So be it..

And that nearly ended our conversation with a few more customary exchanges of parting friends.

'A' was one of the best travel companions I have ever had and could ever ask for. She knew the right ways to travel, ways to make closed doors open, and be her natural self even in unfavorable times. There are few people who would acknowledge my thoughts exactly as they were and when she spoke, I often thought - "this is exactly what was in my mind". 'A', you will be missed, and those beautiful journeys with you will be remembered.

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