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:: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 ::

A Short Conversation...

The walk from my office to BMTC bus stop is a little longer than I would want it, and takes a good 10 minutes. Yesterday evening when I was about to leave, I saw my boss also was on his way out, and decided to ask to drop me at the bus-stop. Here went our conversation.

Me: You headed home..?

Boss: Me, no. Am going out for a dinner.

I wondered why did I get so much of details instead of a Yes or No. And I further wondered about his early dinner plans because it was still 6.15. Anyway I carried on.

Me: ok, can you drop me at the bus stop?

Boss: Ya sure, come over.

As I packed my stuff and got ready to get out, he continued.

Boss: So otherwise how do you go?

I was not sure what exactly he wanted to ask. Ofcourse I would walk to the bus stop, what else?

Me: Walk, naturally!

Boss: No, not that.. from the bus stop how do you go?

Now this was a question I was least expecting. I almost wanted to ask him to take a wild guess and come up with an answer. But a boss is a boss. So hiding any possibility of funny looks on my face and trying to sound normal, I responded -

Me: I take the bus from bus stop.

Boss: oh.. ok!!

And thus ended the conversation.

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