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:: Thursday, August 09, 2007 ::

Plant Trees...

Reproduced from Bangalore Metblogs

This is about a lady called Janet who plants trees.

You can have a tree planted on someone's behalf to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, ceremony, or just another day you're glad to be alive. So far she's planted over 650 trees...She's looking for people who can become members of her charitable trust and contribute 100 rupees per month.

She's also trying to get in touch with companies to see if the corporates can accommodate her mission - The Rajanet Yegneshwaran Charitable Trust.

She plants trees anywhere and everywhere - sidewalks, schools, churches, company compounds, houses... If you know any place where there's place for a tree, get in touch with Janet on 9845449703.

Spread the word. The rest will follow...


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