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:: Thursday, August 09, 2007 ::

Conversation with a Dentist..

My sister in law happens to be a dentist, the kind of professional I prefer to stay away from. Anyway, who likes the people who push weapons of mass destruction into your mouth and let them have a free run?

Last time I had gone to a dentist, the dentist had warned me about the deteriorating condition of one of my teeth - the one in extreme left bottom. I was telling this to sis-in-law and she decided to inspect herself.

SIL: Open your mouth..

I reluctantly opened, recollecting my dentistophobia.

SIL inspected the teeth in question and exclaimed - "oh.. this is a wisdom tooth, needs to be removed."

I replied instantly - "you are a bad dentist!"

She peeped into my mouth again and said "see, this is not properly aligned. We will have to pull it out".

me: surely you are a very bad doctor.

SIL: Do you have any pain?

me: No, just that the person who inspected my teeth said there can be problems in future.

At that moment, SIL did not have her equipment to diagnose properly and gave a verdict. So she just said - "fine, no problem then. If there is no pain, don't worry right now. Once you get the pain, let's pull that tooth out.."

me: I don't trust you any more. Get away. Are you sure you are a dentist? Show me your certificate..!

And we agreed to change topics while I convinced myself to ignore the problem!

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