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:: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 ::

Career Ponderings..

It has been sufficiently long time for me in the software industry to get bored. Or may be the correct way to put it is - since I got bored, it feels like sufficiently long time!

I have considered alternate careers many a times. Infact thinking of alternate careers was a hobby for me until recently! Photography was something I thought of a few years ago but no one recognized this photography genius! :D Travel Writing was the next plan that is still alive. If all went as I wanted, I would have quit my deskjob by the end of this year. But the guy up there always throws in surprises. He introduced a life changing, catastrophic event in my life which busted the quitting plans.

So now that I am stuck here in my deskjob, lemme look at all good things, funny things, nice things, lovely things that come with my job and make myself feel like a king! Well, to cut all that crap, I have no work today and trying to find ways to kill time. :D

1. Funny Managers. The folks who want to call meetings, and then have another meeting to review what was discussed in the first meeting. After many days of running around meetings, they will also call a meeting to check if all the meetings were effective.
2. Endless cups of cofee and endless banter with colleagues about funny managers, only to get back to office and meekly end up in the latest meeting called by the same fella..
3. Long calls with overseas counterparts to discuss stuff that are not really problems but are made to look like problem, and then not arriving at a solution, but pretending as though some productive hours were spent brainstorming! Finally arriving at an action plan to ignore the non-problem for now!
4. Long lunches and long walks following it. How I used to hate walking after lunch. I relish it now, thanks to good company.
5. Long commute to work in public transport that seems to be specially designed to carry techie folks, and watching faces of peole - tense faces, boring faces, dull faces.. And every day listening to someone or the other taking a call and answering - "I am on my way.. I will be there in <insert some time<.. ok?"
6. Traffic Jams in the long commute. I love them so much because extended commute time means more sleep in the bus! :D
7. Free internet, some blogging time, twittering, flickring and exchanging personal mails full of silly nonsense..
8. Being asked by funny managers to provide some funny data that would be used by no one, and the kind of data that everyone knows that no body will have; telling the funny manager that no one has that data and listening to him saying he needs it anyway; cooking up that data from nowhere and keeping everyone happy - the funny manager, his funnier manager who initially asked for the data and poor us who initially told the truth.
9. Gasping when we get to know that funny manager got some quarterly performance award for submitting the cooked up data that incidentally turned out to be as ideal as it should be!

There would be much more to add surely, but I have to get to doing somethings very unimportant right now.. What are your amusements at work?

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