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:: Saturday, July 28, 2007 ::

Sound of the night..

Here is how to guess what time is it, by observing the sounds of the night, and early morning.

1. If you hear the sound of a car reversing, it is necessarily beyond midnight. I guess some car owners enjoy doing it - first get an awful, cacophonic reverse alarm installed in the car. And then set an alarm at 1am or something, get to the garage and do some reversing practice! It is all the more surprising that I hear these noises in the weekdays.

2. If it is the honking of a tata indica, it is the call of a nocturnal cab driver to his nocturnal passengers. Check what time is it in your watch one day, the call comes at the same time everyday.

2. If you hear prayers from the nearby Darga, obviosuly it it beynd 5am

3. If you don't have a Darga near the hour, listen to the koels. If they are getting noisy, it is again beyond 5am. These guys never seem to sleep till late, probably stay awake thinking of all the worms that the early birds get..!

4. If it is the ruckus of the Mynas, it is beyond 5.30. They congregate in a group very early in the morning, and start howling as though there is a catastrophe coming!

5. If it is the crows, it is beyond 6 am. It is your wake up call - as harsh as your alarm can get!

6. If you hear a mix of sounds - shouts of veggie vendor, school buses, autos, and anything you can't decipher, wake up or else you are going to be late to work!

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