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:: Saturday, December 16, 2006 ::


My work, like that of most people I know, does not give me enough exercise or physical activity, but brings in a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. That means when I am out of work, it often happens that I am not up to doing much else, especially when it comes to physical activity. Though I despise it, I still end up gathering some extra weight time and again. But I have always managed to shed it faster than I have gained it.

Sometimes, my long journeys that involves hard work - plenty of walking or hiking help me tremendously in getting rid of flab. I weighed a good ten kilos more than I wanted to a few years ago, but a journey to Sikkim, and a very difficult climb in the Himalayas lasting six days helped me cut it all out in almost one go. There are other instances too, like walking ten to twenty kilometers everyday when I was in Arunachal Pradesh. Besides this occasional breaks that help me reduce, I have to do at least a little bit of work regularly to keep in shape, without which I would never manage to trek for 6 days or walk twenty kilometers. So I tend to do some basic exercising at home for 10 minutes every day. Though I try to do it regularly, I skip often and sometimes I go without that for weeks.

Now I have a new passion. I have started playing badminton and am pretty much addicted to it now. Though I do it once a week, it has been such fun besides being good workout, I always look forward to it. And it works well to keep every muscle of my body active. In the initial days when I started playing, I realized how much of my body was inactive for a long time. The day after the first game, every inch of my body was aching and I used to groan like an old man when I had to get out of my seat or change positions! With almost six weeks since I have been playing, all that trouble is gone now and it always feels good to be back at the court. I only wish I had enough time in my hands to be able to play everyday, but still I am happy that I have been able to put a couple of hours a week. I just hope I do not stop it for any reason in future.

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