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:: Friday, June 09, 2006 ::


Lunch time was probably not the best time to discuss these, but we did start on it anyway. It was like any other discussion without reins - we started at some point and ended at some other.

We somehow happened to start talking about the animals we dissected during our +2 classes. It was a rat for me, while others had frogs and cockroaches. And one of us casually remarked that he had a friend who used to love catching frogs when he was a kid!

That reminded me of something I used to do when I was may be 10 years old. Someone had taught me how to catch flies, and we just used to go looking for them! We even exchanged notes at the end of the day to find out how many did we catch!

Another one of us did not have any such thing to say, but she narrated a story of hers, which left us gasping. Once she was standing near a well and felt like dropping something in the well. To their bad luck, four puppies were playing closeby. She casually picked up one after other and dropped them into the well!! Luckily, her mom heard the sound, thought that her daughter herself has fallen to the well and came running. And seeing what happened, dropped a bucket and managed to get all of them out safely! That was really something!

Do you have an interesting incident from childhood worth narrating?

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