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:: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 ::


What are the things you can do when you get annoying spam calls from evil banks? Before I jot down the list of things, let me just name those avoidable banks which keep calling me all the time - CITBANK and ICICI Bank. List your banks too and let's see which is the worst company to bank with. Write their name in the comment box here, and write their name in your blog in biggg letters. Yes, that's one of the ways to handle them! Something like this -





So here are things you could do, in the order of being nice to being evil.

1. Thank them for the offer, and take the loan/card whatever. I know there is no one left on this planet who can be that nice.
2. Thank them for the offer, tell them gently that you don't need one. This one is for young men who have just found a job, opened a new bank account, and still haven't figured out what spam calls are.
3. Be terse and decline. Tell them not to call again(and actually hope they don't call). This is evolution from (2) after you got a few calls.
4. Respond strongly and sternly and tell them not to call again.
5. Shout till everyone in your room knows you are being harassed by a spam call and hang up frustrated.
6. Hang up as soon as you know it is spam call. This is another stage of evolution after going through 2 to 5.

So none of the above techniques work, or you are just too fed up of them. It's time to get back to them. You should break their peace of mind too, just like they have done yours.

7. Say you are keen about the offer. But you are busy now, so ask them to call later. You will definitely get the call again. This time again, say you are busy and ask them to call later. Don't forget to re-assure that you badly need their service. Keep doing it till they know what's going on.
8. Say you are keen on the offer. Then tell them you are an insurance agent. Ask them to buy a policy. Quid Pro Quo.
8. Say you are interested. Then while you are talking about it, ask them to answer some survey questions over the phone. I am sure they will be hard pressed to oblige. Ask questions on anything you feel like - ask them what is their opinion about traffic in the city, water supply in the town, etc . Get more creative on this and you can really have a ball.
9. Start talking to them. Tell them you are thinking of taking a loan. Continue on and change the topic slowly. Say how lonely you are and you need some one to be with, some one to love etc. Make soliciting statements but be sure you are still on the good side of politeness and courteousness. Note that it doesn't matter whether the caller is of the opposite sex. You can still have some fun. The caller would be so shocked, you will never get a call again.
10. This is the worst. Say you are interested. Ask them to come over to your office. And when they do, refuse to see them.

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