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:: Monday, April 10, 2006 ::


India has long suffered from crude terrorist forces from outside who have been trying to divide the nation. They met with little success. But now they have a powerfully ally who is working with similar intent - Arjun Singh. The idea of extending reservations in IIT/IIMs serve no better purpose.

Well, I can imagine how things would be in the IIT campus, if Arjun Singh succeeds in his vicious plan. Two freshers getting introduced to each other might to like this -

A: Hi, I am A
B: Hi, I am B

A: What class are you?
B: I semester, Electronics

A: No, I am not asking about that class...

On a more serious note, premiere institutes like IITs and the IIMs being government institue could well become a problem in the long run. This is not the first time that HRD ministry is playing with IIMs, and they can do things worse in the days to come. I personally feel that the India's corporates should wake to the possiblity, and work towards creating parallel institutions of equal level of competency. Ofcourse, it still does not mean that the government will not meddle with such institutions, but it would be less likely than IIT/IIMs

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