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:: Friday, January 06, 2006 ::


Once in a year, resolutions become cliche. And I am writing about it so I shall contribute to keep a cliche a cliche!

So what resolutions did I make? Nothing really. When you are vacationing, you hardly remember the days, so I did not realize the new year passing by. When some one knocked on my shoulders and asked me the inevitable question, and there I was, wondering what to answer. I still haven't got the answer, but that's okay.

Let me try to figure out... What is it that I want to do? I am quite unfortunate about not being obese. I don't smoke either, which makes things worse. It is difficult to find a resolution to make if you don't have such problems. And what is the point having a new year if I can't even make a resolution? And then I have taken up the responsibility to keep the cliche a cliche!!

Well, one of the things that I love is to travel and do some photography. But I am already doing so much of it that I hardly do anything else these days, so no point trying to say "this year I am going to travel more..". And then what about other things that I want, need etc? I am a generally happy person and haven't been more happier ever, so can't really ask for much. May be I would rather go without a resolution. And then I went on to think, if I do make one, I shall rather keep it a secret. Secret because, imagine the situation - I make two hundred resolution and 'tom tom' that to the whole world and feel really good about making so many resolutions and improving the person that I am blah blah...

But there are some evil people around you who sometime go jobless. They come to you around March or April and pretend to be making friendly conversation. Pretend because they never know how to be 'actually friendly'! Here they go:

"...and hey, I remember you telling about those new year resolutions. I think you had made some 200 or so na? How is it going?"

You know how it goes when two hundred resolutions were made. You had made a conscious effort to forget them and had successfully removed them from your brain. And there they are, back to haunt you! Even worse, think about a situation like this:

A: Hey what was that new year resolution you had made this time..?

B: umm...(trying to remember, and also trying to escape from the scene) ..what was that? Can't recall now...

A: I think... was that something about improving your memory?

Its better not to make a resolution instead of getting into such situations. And people who know me also know about my notorious memory. They know it so well, they remind me about the money I owe them - which I had never really borrowed and manage to make a decent profit! I get depressed thinking about my poor memory. But think about the good side - I forget my depression very soon!!

I think I am digressing from resolutions to the topic of my memory, so let me stop here. Anyway forget about new year resolutions, my today's resolution was to eat the head of anyone who walks into this blog. So there you are! But don't worry, I won't do it again. I won't do because one of my new year resolution was not to speak lies!

Getting a little serious about it, I wonder where in the world did people start the idea of new year resolutions. It must be a country of optimists who thought they can really do something by thinking about their nagging problems just by thinking of it in the beginning of the new year. Or may be it was just a trend started by some 'celebrity' in drunken stupor in the middle of a New Year bash!! :)

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