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:: Thursday, November 10, 2005 ::


I had written earlier that the individuals must try to come clean and be good citizens before blaming the government for any problems. Some incidences in the last few days made me think about it again.

A few days ago, a bunch of people filed a public interest litigation(PIL) about illegal structures in Koramangala, which eventually lead the court to ask BCC to demolish all the illegal buildings. The events after that were interesting. Residents who had built up illegally joined hands together to protest against razing the illegal buildings! I am quite sure these residents are the people who would have kept complaining about all the problems in Koramangala or elsewhere in Bangalore, and definitely blaming the government for it. What came as even bigger surprise was that people who filed the PIL had violated building laws at their own houses!

In another incident, people in some road - I can't remember which road, but it is one of the roads where parking was recently banned - protested and created trouble because the cops took away an illegally parked vehicle!

Now I question again, if we think we have the right to do things that we are not expected to do, and even justify such things by publicly protesting and defending our actions, I don't think much can be improved. Yes, the government must take much of the blames for problems in Bangalore city, but if we think we can do as we please and don't come out clean ourselves, no one would be able to make things better. If we wish to park as we please or construct at will without caring for the rules, we will have to put up with traffic jams and floods.

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