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:: Sunday, November 27, 2005 ::


Last three days have been spent really blissfully, visiting completely exotic places. The best part: we hardly did any thing as we had planned when we started from here. We just ended up taking ad-hoc decisions and reaching amazing places because of that.

The first one - staying somewhere on the top of the hills for a night on the first day. We planned to return to town after a visit to one of the tallest hill ranges in Karnataka, and when we found a place to stay somewhere up there, we just stay put. And a beautiful night it was. The visit to amazing Galikere Lake was an accident too. I have never seen winds that I witnessed at Galikere. Wind splashed water into us from the lake making it feel like it was raining!

There was more. The next day, I invited every one for a short 15 minutes drive after lunch. And while we were on it, I noticed a small muddy road deviating from the main road and decided to take that. And the places we went to after that was so amazing - the 15 minutes drive stretched 4 hours when we visited. We got to trek up to the top of one of the tallest hills, and the view of the expanse is not justified by words.

The next impulsive decision was a dinner at Taj Garden Retreat at Chikkamagalur. I would not say much about the dinner but we had a great time. But coffee at the restaurant is just something you would not want to miss.

I will follow up soon with a trip report and images as usual. Of course, when the time permits.. :)

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