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:: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 ::


Clumsiness is a characteristic I seemed to be born with. It was proved(yet again) yesterday at lunchtime when I dropped a very pretty China dish at a restaurant. Of course I had excuses to make myself believe it had nothing to do with me - like - it was placed on the edge of the table, it was bound to happen anyway, etc.. But the fact remains that I do this very often. Though it was the first time I broke china, am pretty much used to dropping silverware at restaurants. And I always buy cheap glassware at home because they never live long!

Dropping delicate things from my hands really annoys me. Every other electronic instrument in my house has suffered considerably from this. I dropped the speakers attached to my computer just 2 days after I bought them. And now I have to keep shaking it vigorously every now and then to make them work. I must have dropped my cell phone a hundred times, and fortunately it still works! But it’s vibrating alert stops working at times. Luckily, to get it back working, all I have to do is bang the phone to something!! And then there is my computer's UPS that I negligently dropped when I was shifting the comp. Result? I need to bang it(again!) to get it going. And there is more! Its exactly the same story with my electric shaver!! And then there are a few more instruments(landline receiver, stabilizer, and may be more) that have been dropped too but haven’t yet malfunctioned!

I have come to conclude that I am just unrepairably careless. But luckily so far, I have never dropped my camera or any of my lenses. May be because I have a big fear inside me about having to loose it, or may be because I just take extra care of them. But it only re-iterates the fact that I am lot careless about so many other things.

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