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:: Monday, June 13, 2005 ::


Archana and I have been working hard at avenging each other at things lately. When I got her to blog on music, she retorted back to make me blog about going green.

The idea is to list 5 things that you would adapt to create a sustainable earth, and pass it on to 3 other bloggers. Here is my list - I have listed things to adapt and ones that I have already adapted.

1. Use public transport where possible and help burn less fuel.
2. Postpone buying a new car upgrade, hang on to the current one as long as possible and same time maintain it well and non-polluting.
3. Move from primarily tea drinking habit to primarily coffee. The destruction set in by tea plantations in South India must be seen to be believed. Not that coffee is very environment friendly but slightly better than tea.
4. Minimize on plastic carry bags when shopping. Carry water around when going out as much as possible instead of buying mineral water as you please.
5. I would like to participate in water conservation movement by some means. I havent yet figured out how but. I also intend to contribute my time in the area of sustainable development, conservation of forests and natural resources but I am not yet sure how to go about it.

Instead of passing this on to three other blogger, I sincerely urge everyone who reads this to list down some points and try to work towards making the earth a better place to live in. Do go for it! And when you do that, please do leave a link your post as a comment here, so we all can know more avenues to go green.

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