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:: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 ::


Rain! I missed it, and I longed for it. I missed everything that comes with the showers from the sky -

the pleasantness it evokes,

the joy enthused in my heart when I see it dripping down from the soft leaves, flowers and the incline of the tiled roofs,

the constant battering of the 'tip-tip' sound that travels through the ears and leaves a soft happy note,

sparks of lightning that light up everything with a bang,

the cuppa coffee and pakoras that leave a warm and cozy feeling in the body,

the joy of getting wet on a hot sultry day,

the continuous chatter of the frogs and the crickets,

small streams coming into life and flowing away in a hurry,

the smell of freshness in the forest after the rain,

the greenery and the life that it brings in as it drops down,

the joy of dipping your legs in the pleasantly flowing river and watching the fish bite and tickle you,

the tranquility left behind when it goes,


[For a few days, the skies were getting dark and cloudy every evening but it never rained. The heat of the summer prevailed. I felt provoked to write this on a hot afternoon when there were no signs of any impending rain. And in the evening, the skies opened up and it poured for a long time. I came back happy after a longish drive in the rain, a little bit of getting wet and playing with the water.]

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