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:: Friday, December 17, 2004 ::

A few trivial things in a span of 5-6 hours, on a normal day, that I found interesting:

* We were crossing the road at a ped xing. It was almost midnight - a time when the road users tend to be at their worst. This guy on the car approaches and we wait for him to move on. He stops the car and lets us go.

* A kid selling roses in MG Road. It was probably a little late for her and she had to sell the last 2 in her hand. She keeps troubling me to buy, quoting Rs. 5 a rose. She would not let us go and tagged us for really long distance. Finally my friend asks how much and the kid says Rs.10 a rose! And the two roses were bought at that price. I watch silently and tell my friend - it was only 5 a rose. We just smile and continue, feeling good.

* I forget my jacket in a Barista around 8pm. I remembered about it around 10pm when it was getting cold. Ignored it simply coz I did not want to break from whatever I was upto then. It was around midnight when we were to head home and it was colder. So we go back for a check at Barista. Luckily some staff were still there, and they had kept my jacket. Return to some warmth.

* Earlier in the evening, we go from shop to shop hunting for some audiocassettes and vcds. We did not find anything we wanted in the first shop. In the second one, here goes my conversation:

Me: Hi, do you have Shawshank redemption?
There are two sales persons listening to me.
The lady at the shop: Sorry, can you please tell me again..
I knew people don’t usually hear it properly the first time. So I say that slowly and clearly. Still there is no light on their face. They look at each other's face. After a brief silence the other guy asks -
"which language is that?!!"
Me(slightly perturbed by the most unexpected question): umm... well.. It’s English!
They are more confused now. Another round of brief silence.
She: What is that actually? It’s a cassette or something?
By this time I knew the conversation is useless, but I answered anyway.
Me: Its a movie - I am looking for vcd
She: No sir! We don’t have anything like that!!

I came back to my friend and burst out laughing. It was hard not to laugh in front of them.

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