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:: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 ::


A friend came home and announced that her cat has given birth to 3 kittens. Only a couple of months back she did not even have a cat. One fine a day there was a cat walking in and around her place, she fed it and it stayed! Would love to go sometime and shoot them. Kittens can be adorable, and 3 of them together is surely inviting. I think I would not mind getting one home but I cant take care of it.

Don't know what is happening to my driving lately. I always took pride in my driving skills, and countless compliments I have received over time only pepped up the pride. I made a couple of miserable errors lately and I guess all attributed to my recent moods and mood swings. Once - driving in very sullen mood thinking about some nonsense, I took this right turn blindly without looking anywhere. A car guy coming from the main road honked madly but I figured later that I never heard it until he was too close. Luckily he slammed the breaks just before me and I drove away apologetically. And then there was this highway where I misjudged a turn for no particular reason and almost got the car into a ditch out of road. Mumbled apologies to myself and my friend in the passenger seat, wondering loudly what is happening to me. Guess its time to be more careful - on everything.

There are so many things left to do, and I seem to have developed the knack of letting them stay undone. There is this Spanish class to go to, which I hope to start soon. The keyboard classes and horse riding that I have dropped out from long ago needs to be continued. I have so many people to meet and chat with and just not finding time enough. And then there are dance classes I am always thinking of attending and many other things that I would get tired listing them.. Sometimes I think I need to get life and then there are other times when I feel am having too much life.. :)

Finally got a computer home after long deliberation. It has been a few years since I have been resisting getting one - for the fear of getting addicted to it. I don’t have an internet connection yet, but that wont take much time. Was chatting with a friend and said people would laugh at me if I say I never had a comp so far. Pat came the reply - 'u bet!'

And yes, having a computer at home means there will be more activity in this page in the days to come. But this one is getting posted from workplace. After I don't know how long, I am actually finding a bit of free time at work.

I get this strange feeling that things are getting better and better, and going to get better and better around me for whatever reasons. The thought is coming up in my mind as I am writing this, and I keep getting this feeling suddenly propping up these days now and then and out of nowhere and I don’t know why.

Proof reading this post, I feel my writing sounds a lot better than usual if I try to let thoughts freely into words.

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