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:: Monday, April 12, 2004 ::

After two weeks of spending my time completely carefree, am back into the grind again. Surprisingly there is no holiday hangover this time but it would have certainly been better to see it lasting. Unlike what I normally do, instead of doing some long distance travelling, this time I thought of chilling out doing nothing. When I declared about the impending vacation, most of my friends kept asking me what am I upto and where am I headed. When I said 'nothing' and 'nowhere', no one seemed to believe it at the first time. A typical sequence of conversation that happened with quite a few people - over sms, email, phone or plane person to person talk:

Me: Am taking off. Two weeks.
Friend: oh! so where are you headed?
Me: Nowhere. No plans.
Friend: umm.. okay, so what plans then?
Me: No plans, like I said.
Friend: oh! okay.. what do you plan to do then over the hols?
Me: No plans at all. I do mean it. *grin*

Some degree of frustration sets in by this time and I continue to speak -

Me: Havent thought of anything in particular to do. It’s going to be a do-nothing vacation and probably just that. That's abt it...
Friend: oh! Alright then. Or may be you can think abt going to this place or that place or do that and this...
Me: Thx, but I don't think I really want to. *grin*

That would more or less end the conversation on this topic even though the other person would still remain puzzled a bit. But since I would not have any thing more to add, I would rather not let the thread continue.

Though had not planned one bit of it, 2 weeks zipped off real quick and it turned out to be great fun. I did end up going on a short trip - spent first 2 days of the vacation in the wilderness. Pix will follow soon although there aren't much to boast of. After that, while I was working out what to do next, I remembered an important work with my teeth that I had kept postponing for – well, may be around 3 or 4 years! I don't have to tell why I was so hesitant to go to the dentist - any one who has/had teeth would surely know :-) I was told on the first visit that the whole 'teeth job' would take 5 days and that forced me to stay in town for the next 6 days. While I was here and having no work - I used the time to the fullest and spent a lot of time meeting friends and going out, driving out etc, or inviting friends and victimizing them with my recipes(Actually I received some compliments). Days passed quickly and within 2 days I had hardly remembered I have a full time job. Imagine the good feeling when you have totally forgotten about work and one of the days you go to the atm to draw money, and you see some salary credit in your account! It was great indeed. Add to that, the work at the dentist's went way too smoothly and I really had to have no nightmares or worries that I was imagining before. That ended a week and the 'teeth job' completed, I decided to visit my folks for the remaining one week. So the next week got spent peacefully at home. I also managed to finish a book I'd been struggling for around 3 months - 'Tibetan Way of Living and Dying'. The two weeks seemed to have passed too quickly to be called 'two weeks'. And like all good things have to come to an end, here I am to continue my usual routine.

SMS from a friend today morning: "from today same old style.. boring na.."

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