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:: Thursday, February 19, 2004 ::


Learning languages was(is) never my cup of tea(And so is the art of writing). Fortunately I haven't had any problem learning my mothertongue. Otherwise for that I woulda been- well, 'dumb'! ;) Even English didnot pose much of a problem but I did not go anywhere beyond that. Despite having studied it, Hindi never came to me fluently and it now gets used only in case of emergencies. An attempt to learn Sanskrit died almost as soon as I saw the complex tables of Vibhakti Pratyayas and stuff! Nevertheless, the list of languages I intend to learn is pretty big and gives me some headache. Here it is:

  • Spanish: It feels so cool, I just have to learn it

  • Protugese: Just in case I decide to spend a year in Brazil someday!

  • French and German: These are not as much a priority as the above but it helps to know. Just want to minimize the possiblity of feeling tongue tied in a remote place. And then there is this friend of mine who takes every chance to show off and bombard me in German. Think bout the fun in hitting back in Deutsche(did I spell it right?!) some day and give her a shock of her life! *grin*

Some ppl would tell me that going by the logic I want to learn French and German, I should also try my hands on Afrikaans, Swahili, Russian...

Well, sorry folks, I had enuff! :)

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