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:: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 ::

Q:Why is this weblog not seeing any updates?

A:I don't have any pictures to post

You could write something?

Rightly so. I even do have topics to write about but right now I am just not active enough to start putting the ideas into words and combine them into sentences that have to make sense. And anyway laziness is one of primary identifiers. I would have given it as an id for my passport also, but they would not accept. Pictures are much easy to post. Crop them or resize them, upload them and they are there to be seen. But I'll write something someday. May be tomorrow... or may be a few days down the line...

But you are scribbling this Q-n-A?

Yup! I just wanted to post something. And this is not very demanding on my brain. It is hard you know, to use the brain and all...

So when are more pictures going to be posted?

Its going to be around a month more. I have lot of shutter work scheduled for early October. Weather and luck permitting, I hope to get some good images.

Till then?

Your guess would be as good as mine. No pics for sure. There could be intermittent updates or occasional rainfalls, the former more likely. All depends on my energy levels!



une certaine substance d'amusement(Some fun stuff)!

What do you do when you are craving for something interesting? I used Google to translate my webpage to French and translated it back to English! The resulting text was quite a read! Check out the re-translation of answer to second question:

Correctly thus. I even have matters to write about but in this moment I am rather not in activity simply to start to put the ideas in words and to combine them in the sentences which must be included/understood. And in any event the laziness is one of primary marks. I would have given it like identification for my passport also, but they would not accept. It is much easy to announce images. Cultivate or give them to the cĂ´teles, download them and they are there to be seen. But I will write something one day. Can be tomorrow... or can be a few days in bottom of the line...

The best part is 'upload' becoming a 'download' :)

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